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Why Use BitCoin?

There are many reasons why Bitcoin is our currency of choice.
One of the foremost reasons being that it doesn’t matter in which country a transaction occurs, the price will remain constant across all borders. And with the growing number of worldwide companies accepting Bitcoin as a currency of trade, why not create a shopping experience centered around Bitcoin?

What is CryptoSocieti?

We are about to introduce you to a new and more secure way to shop online using Bitcoin. Peer-to-peer exchanges using Bitcoin are the next big consumer advantage to hit global shopping. What can be fairer than price equality regardless of where you live? Also, not being tied to a specific country’s exchange rate makes this more attractive to businesses, particularly those doing business on a global scale.

Who Uses BitCoin?

According to online statistics, the average person using Bitcoin is:
• Age 25-34. 39% of users are young adults
• Male. Over 90% identify as Male
• Married. 56% are either married or
in a relationship
• American. 53% are either North or
South American
• $50 -100K. 23.9% of yearly household income.
• Generous. 77% spend coins on Gifts, Donations, and Legal Services.

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One Stop Shopping Using Bitcoin

One Stop Shopping Using Bitcoin

Imagine a site where you can find and purchase everything you are looking for in one convenient online shopping mall that houses hundreds of retailers from around the globe, and pay using Bitcoin as if it were straight-up cash? With CryptoSocieti, you have that opportunity. Even more, you can earn extra income by sharing this service with others. CryptoSocieti is about to put your Bitcoin to work for you in a whole new way that eclipses the opportunity to either consume goods and services, or simply invest in Bitcoin.

Becoming part of CryptoSocieti

Becoming part of CryptoSocieti

BecBecoming part of CryptoSocieti means you have a one-stop shopping center that is specifically designed to make purchases using Bitcoin. The task is to be able to shop with Bitcoin locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide. As we have shared, Bitcoin is growing in popularity, and the idea of using it like cash or a credit card and acceptance by merchants all around the world is also increasing.

Join the Affiliate Program and take control of Your Future

Join the Affiliate Program and take control of Your Future

Bitcoin is that ONE digital currency that appears to be attracting attention throughout the world. Not only does it continue to grow in value, but companies are now looking to Bitcoin not just be for investment but also for commerce.
Worldwide advocates of the crypto-currencies show that "market capitalization of cryptocurrencies could explode over the next five years, rising to $5-$10 trillion." We have a short window to take control of our Future through the Crypto now, or we will become just another crypto-currency consumer.

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

As we have shared, Bitcoin is growing in popularity, and the idea of using it like cash or a credit card at merchants is also increasing in many parts of the world today.
So why not be able to spend your bitcoin in a one-stop shopping mall without shopping multiple websites, and you can expose businesses to a new opportunity to expand their clients or customers. You can also introduce your families and friends to the new way to shop in our growing e-commerce environment.
Build your Crypto business right here and enjoy the benefits of not just selling your products to other Bitcoin users, but also sharing this opportunity with others which will allow you to build an additional income with our unique Compensation Plan.

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